IKM Pro Sakowska, Michałowska, Łyszkiewicz Spółka Jawna (in short: IKM Pro) is a dynamic micro company with macro ambitions.

Our goal is to contribute to the betterment of living in the European society by involvement into activities focused on several areas of life, taking into account particularly its social and health dimension.

Our aim is to facilitate actions oriented towards creating healthy living and working conditions, promoting active and healthy ageing, supporting mental health.

Our primary mission is to provide added value to public health dimension in Poland, across Europe, and around the World, through engagement in international projects (research, development, education and advocacy) in order to contribute to better lives of us all.

“A micro company with macro ambitions”

Our expertise

We have a long-time experience in international projects in different aspects: applying, implementing, evaluating, or reporting.

Our team

Our team is a group of independent experts who find working in international projects a challenging passion.

Our projects

In this section you can find information about projects our team members have been involved in.